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A Polish company, which has supplied hundreds of millions of products to almost 70 countries in the world. Over 25 years ago, it seemed unthinkable. It was the beginning of our adventure with the automotive industry. The beginnings were modest. It was the openness of our first customers, who believed in our vision, that gave us the chance to prove that nothing is impossible. Enthusiasm, passion and respect for Customers have accompanied us continuously since the early days.

Every product you find in our offer is a result of the fact that we love what we do. Experience has taught us that good products are made only when one gets to know the real needs of those who use them. Painters, mechanics, car wash workers, car enthusiasts and ordinary drivers. That’s why we work with them every day. We test new products in workshops at home and abroad.

We manufacture our products with attention to detail. The crowning of our effort at each stage of production and distribution are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, as well as numerous awards and distinctions, including international ones. We are also appreciated by customers, who annually distinguish our brand with a Consumer Laurel, and since 2012 also with the title of Consumer Leader of Quality. This is how mutual trust is built.

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A customer who does not find what they are looking for, will spend their money elsewhere. We understand how important it is for the wide range of K2 products to optimally meet customer needs. Therefore, our permanent offer includes up to 1000 indexes, and every year we add to it an average of 50 new products. We continue to learn how to better understand the market. We draw conclusions, and we are not afraid of implementing them.

Together with our customers and distributors we have created one of the most respected brands in chemistry and car cosmetics, appreciated throughout the world. Our history shows that nothing is impossible, and we have enough plans to fill the next decades, so it is worth to join our team.