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For over 25 years, we have done our best to ensure that thanks to our products our user's cars would remain as beautiful and efficient as when they left the showroom. Our enthusiasm and passion have led to the creation of our own brand. This is how the K2 brand has come to exist in over 70 countries worldwide. Our product range is complete with our own brands - Carso, Cardos, Masner and Prima, as well as imported ones - Formula1, Cyclo, Versachem. We are constantly expanding our offer, while ensuring the highest quality of our products.

  • K2 is a wide product range with multiple uses. Ideal for many household tasks, DIY in the garage or workshop. One characteristic feature of the K2 products is their ease of use. The offer includes adhesives, silicones, products for quick car repairs and many more…

  • 07

    The 07 multi-purpose product with virtually infinite number of uses. It cleans, lubricates, eliminates squeaking, maintains, removes water, penetrates and protects against corrosion. The 07 has seven active, synthetic ingredients contained in a special solvent. It excellently integrates with the metal surface, covers it thoroughly and fills minor irregularities, creating a unique protective layer. It will therefore make working in the house, garage or workshop a lot easier.

  • Professional clamps. The offer includes worm drive hose clips and industrial clamps – available in a full range of sizes. Clamps for use in car and motrorcycle garages, as well as many other places. Easy assembly and disassembly. They provide a high pressing force, durability and aesthetic appearance. Their high quality is confirmed by compliance with multiple DIN standards, as well as the approval of the Oil and Gas Institute.

  • Designed for all car enthusiasts looking for good quality products at economical prices. In the Carso offer you will find car cosmetics for the body and the interior of the car, as well as operating fluids.

  • Cardos brand offers reliable car accessories useful to every driver. The assortment is divided into 3 groups: Breakdowns and Repairs, Safety, and Comfort and Style. Cardos is a wide range of car accessories at reasonable prices.

  • Range of tools and accessories necessary in every workshop and automotive service. The Masner offer includes keys, lamps, lifts, grinders, polishers, overalls, abrasives, spray guns, racks and car wash accessories.


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